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10 must-have office gadgets!

10 must-have office gadgets!

Moving office? Considering an office refurbishment? Need to accessorise your workplace to make your office design more exciting?

An engaging and interesting workplace is hugely important for an employee's morale and work ethic. Having an exciting office fit out is one way of ensuring you staff are motivated and happy but you can always do more! Why not take a look at our top 10 must-have gadgets for your office:

Solar USB charger – no longer will you be required to scramble under the desk for a plug socket! This gadget uses solar energy to recharge your smartphone battery, so you can feel good and green while your precious percentage rises!

Office Design Gadgets 1

Silent mouse – you may not have noticed it before but try a simple exercise now, listen to those around you clicking away. Now it is getting irritating isn't it? This silent mouse is a game-changer! Minimising windows as your boss approaches your desk can now be done stealthily than ever before...

Office Design Gadgets 2

Treadmill desk – struggling to find time to hit the gym during your lunch break? This is the gadget for you! Walk and work on this handy treadmill desk...it takes the meaning of "hot-desking" to a new level.

Office Design Gadgets 3

Mobile desk – if the treadmill desk is slightly too energetic for you then try this one on for size! The mobile desk allows you move freely around the workplace without your fingers leaving the keyboard. There is also a good chance of impromptu races breaking out during the week, perhaps even a time-trial around the office perimeter.

Office Design Gadgets 4

Plug socket with USB charging output – these are fast becoming the norm in any office refurbishment or office fit out. With use of tablets and smart phones in the workplace at an all-time high these are an essential tool in any office design.

Office Design Gadgets 5

Carpet skates – the picture tells you all you need to know about this product. Who wouldn't want a pair?

Office Design Gadgets 6

Cable organiser – there are many different styles of these on the market but they are a must-have for any neat freaks out there! We've gone for a nice eco-friendly recycled wooden version.

Office Design Gadgets 7

Office bowling set – not all gadgets need to directly improve productivity, some things just need to promote fun and team building! Strike!

Office Design Gadgets 8

Mini USB Fridge – just big enough to chill the fizzy drink can of your choice! For me it would have to be Dr Pepper, but other fizzy drink brands are available!!

Office Design Gadgets 9

USB heating blanket – no longer will staff complain about being too cold in the winter months! It's worth the investment just to see an end to the "I'm cold" wailings of staff with poor circulation!

Office Design Gadgets 10



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