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London My Perfect City

London, My Perfect City

London: the perfect city for design

I have been lucky enough to travel to some of the greatest and most fascinating places around the world, which has given me lasting memories of iconic landmarks, diverse cultures and rich histories.

Using inspiration from these experiences and the memories gained, I wondered, what would my perfect city look like? I have attempted to try and find out. And for a change I don't need to worry about the budget...

It might be hard to believe that a secret (secret being the key word here) passion of mine is buildings and structures. I am told this started at a young age and could explain my choice in career! So my perfect city would have to include an array of unique and varying sky scrappers to fill the city skyline. Come day or night, sky scrappers dominate the skyline and impose a feeling of power to a city. By day, you can walk amongst them feeling like a mere ant. By night, they beautifully light up an entire landscape. Whether you like them or not, they certainly leave a lasting impression. And of course, I would want my city to leave a lasting impression! The Petronis Towers in Kuala Lumpa did just this, as did the cityscape of Singapore.

So what next? Well for me, nothing beats a street market; cheap, authentic food and mixing with the locals - Georgetown Market in Penang is a great example of this - although sometimes worth double-checking exactly what you are ordering! A delicacy in some places might not be quite what we are all used to....

Every great city needs to have at least one, bright and bustling strip filled with an array of bars and restaurants. Think Ko San Road....The busyness and somewhat dirty feel to the road might not be to everyone's taste, but at least this would leave my city with lasting memories for those visiting. All is not always what it seems in Bangkok!

City plus beach - now who would have thought this would be such winning combination! For me, the stresses that come with living in any busy city seem to disappear with a day on the beach. A beach like Perhentian Islands in Malaysia would suit quite nicely. Now, as it's my perfect city, am I allowed to demand blistering sunshine all year round too?

So with all the wonderful skyscrapers, the bustling street markets, the tranquil beach and the *ahem* tasteful "strip", I think my city is really only missing one thing...

Introducing my passion in life (other than crunching number of course...) Chelsea FC. The most important thing for me to have in my perfect city would be Stamford Bridge stadium. Ok, so its no Emirates stadium, but it is the home of my beloved Chelsea FC!

So there is it, my perfect city where of course I would be living in the penthouse of the tallest sky scrapper, with its breathtaking sea views, within walking distance to my favourite food markets, with the bars and restaurants nearby and a tunnel from the basement taking me straight to my seat in the grounds of Stamford Bridge. I don't ask for much.....



Jon has been at The Interiors Group for just under a year having worked on a wide variety of construction projects over the past 8 years including everything from supermarkets to high end residential developments. He enjoys keeping fit, football and music festivals when the sun is shining!

Written by Jon Howell

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