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Typical Day in the Life of an Aftercare Manager

Typical Day in the Life of an Aftercare Manager

Typical Day in the life of a Senior – (Old) Aftercare Manager!

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6.00am - Good Morning World!!

Today is going to be a good day!!

But then!!!!

6.10am – Text received to explain why the 'gear' that is "definitely going be dropped off at 8am" won't get there until 11am!

6.12am – advise sub-contractor that the gear will be late. Listen to them moan and explain that they are going to have to charge extra to work late to complete!

6.30am – Leave home to get the 6.42am train.

6.45am – Swear at Southern Railways for "Apologising" because your trains been cancelled!

8.10am – Get to work to read all of the 'lovely' e-mails missed whilst you were in the tube.

8.30am – Leave the office to explain to client why we need to work late.

8.50am – Explain to building Manager why we will need to work late.

9.20am – Return to Office to amend RAMS

9.25am – get call from client saying that materials have turned up and that now there is no-one to offload them. Tell them I'll be right over!

9.40am – Get back to client and get covered in 'stuff' offloading 'Materials'.

9.50am – Apologise for the mess up and try to get subbies there ASAP!

10.20am – Get to office to sort out todays Quotes.

10.50am – Go to next appointment (in Islington) to see a room that needs a 'lick of paint'.

11.40am – Get back and shout at 'telesales' for wasting my time.

Mid-day – Get call to say that something is missing from the delivery.

12.10pm – SWEAR!!

12.30pm – Get back to site to discuss way forward. Find way round it. Return to office.

1.30pm – Start on 'Todays TO-DO list'.

1.40pm – Get interrupted by a client with a faulty pump.

1.50pm – Spend an hour finding out who did the job and arrange plumber.

3.20pm – meet plumber on site. Determine problem, get replacement bit and give to plumber.

4.50pm – Get back to Office.

5.00pm – Start again, on 'TO-DO' list.

5.10pm - Realise you've failed to achieve anything you had intended to!

5.40pm – Return to Sardine can (Underground).

5.55pm – Miss train by 2 minutes

7.20pm – Get home absolutely knackered!

7.45pm – Subbie phones to say everything is finished and that the client is Happy!

8.20pm – Have something to eat.

8.00pm - Collapse......but!!

Tomorrow is going to be a good day!!



Ian is our Senior Aftercare Manager, looking after our clients following project completion. He provides ongoing support and undertakes small alterations to workspaces as required. In his spare time Ian enjoys classic car restoration and travelling the continent.

Written by Ian Black

"Professional and experienced"

Cathy Allen, Facilities Manager, Epson



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