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Equal Opportunities Employer - Interior Design

Equal Opportunities Employer - Interior Design

TIG - An Equal Opportunities Employer?

We are proud to be an equal opportunity office designer

Well yes!

I have worked for TIG for over 20-years and performed a number of roles, all in the finance division and since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a number of years ago TIG has supported my decision to continue working for a company and with people that I really admire.

I have worked from a number of TIG locations and all of them have met and exceeded disable access as set out in the Disability Discriminations Act, which makes coming to work a real pleasure.

Seeing your working environment as somewhere to enjoy rather than fear [as many disabled workers do!] brings maximum benefit to me and to TIG as productivity is maximised.

When TIG moved to London, the company allowed me to change my role [as I was unable to travel to London every day], work from home for the majority of the working week and take the full cost of setting me up as a home-worker....

This is a real 'Equal Opportunity' employer, conforming to the letter of the law and more importantly putting disabled employees on an equal footing with their full bodied peers.

Well done TIG


Kay has worked for the Interiors Group for over 20-years in various Administrative and Finance role, prior to this she was responsible for vehicle ordering systems at an international car manufacturer. Kay is a keen reader, cook and traveller.

Written by Kay Hendrie

"Professional and experienced"

Cathy Allen, Facilities Manager, Epson



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