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8,000 sq ft
8 weeks
London W1


Sector Aviation
Size 8,000 sq ft
Time 8 weeks
Location London W1
Project Relocation

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The new 8,000 sq ft sales offices of jet manufacturer Gulfstream needed to reflect the sophistication of this luxurious brand. Somewhere clients would feel at ease. We kept the space light, airy. Glass partitions were used to create offices and meeting rooms with polished steel surrounds and sleek sliding doors. A totally transparent environment, ensuring all the natural light floods the space. Hidden cupboards are in every room, bursting with beautiful d├ęcor options. Even down to crockery! Large inter-connecting flat screens used to build 3D models of clients designs are embedded into the walls. State of the art technology. Revolutionary. Sophisticated. Everything that the Gulfstream brand embodies.